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Baby's kick tutorial (of sorts) by geckoguy123456789 Baby's kick tutorial (of sorts) by geckoguy123456789
Inspired off a livestream conversation.

How does a baby’s' kick look? It's a hard thing to draw for sure, forgive me, I'm out of practice, but you see what I mean.

Mom can always feel them, but how much it shows varies. How the baby is positioned, how mom is carrying, how strong of a kick or movement, what angle it's at, how quick it is, etc. Just look on youtube, you'll see what I mean.

Two rules to remember;
Less is more
Wide, short and subtle

See my example? Again I'm out of practice, but you get the point. On top is a nice natural kick, eases in and out of the belly smoothly, is much wider than it is tall. There's no traction in there, imagine kicking a rubber wall while suspended underwater, you'd push yourself back as soon as you make contact. Yes it'd show to some degree, but unless you brace yourself against something it's hard! Is it possible? Of course! Do you know how tight it is in there at week 40? Some babies are evil; they'll brace against your bladder and bruise a rib or two! Ask around, you'd be surprised! However, in general those are the rules.

Now for the baby kick FAIL. Ouch, ouch....... OUCH. Wtf is that? It looks like you swallowed a box and the corner in poking you! Skin is elastic; don't get me wrong, but like that!? NOOOOOO. Just.... avoid that. It takes a steady, practiced hand if you're using a tablet, but don't get discouraged!

Lastly, less is more. How? It's a baby's foot (head, fist etc), not a womb of popping popcorn. General rule, 1 baby = 1 bulge. A litter of 5? If they're all moving at once, maybe an extra one if you really want to push the envelope. But remember, not all of them are pressed against her belly! There's plenty of internal organs they could be beating up too, so even if they're all moving at once, not all of the movements will show on the outside(although mom will certainly feel them all!)

I hope this tutorial(of sorts) helps answer any questions you may have. Feel free to ask any you may have below, however please don't post a bunch of links asking "how does this look?" because I will ignore those.

Oh, and the picture I used belongs to me and can be found here(but it is mature); [link]
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I would rate this art fair. I love the shapes of the fetus making an impaction onto the mother's ... "Outside." I dissagree with the side notes, I think they are a bit messy on the page and confused me at times, but I did make sense of them, finally. Overall, you did pretty good, and the description was wonderful, describing the different shapes, which, I do agree, a lot of people needs this for a reference. I do also encourage that you include the name or species of animal/creature in future pieces of art. Good job. I am impressed. =3
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DragonBeoWulf Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
BTE, sorry in the critique, but I DO know what the creature is, just others may not.
SweetheartedSadist Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha JK This is excellent dear ^.^,very helpful,Ive seen mistakes where the bump looks to triangular,and you wonder if they have weapons inside of mommy's tummy! :noes:

I blame the schools -shot-
Anyway thank you for this <3!
Rezanicija Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
When my mom was pregnant with the twins (her first pregnancy), she could see hands and feet under the skin sometimes. She had nightmares that she'd see babyfaces through her belly skin. >.>
Compudemon Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
but popcorn effect is funny. sometimes funny is more fun then realism
TheDJTC Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012
I think being able to notice a baby's kick visually would look very alien no matter how subtle.
Sesshywolf Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012
Very nice! love the examples
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